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Sensormatic Self Contained Antenna SM-1170

Product ID : Synergy 1170


Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Self-Contained Pedestal
Delivering next-generation store performance. The Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Self-Contained Pedestal provides superior Sensormatic AM EAS anti-theft protection
with up to 2.5m (8.2ft) of coverage between pedestals. The on-board electronics are mounted in the primary pedestal, eliminating the need for an external controller. The integrated audio and visual alarms notify store personnel if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone. The multiple audio and visual alarms can be customized for different event types, mapping the audio and ambient lighting options to reflect the source of the alert such as foil-lined bags and jammer devices.

Infoquest is a well-known Sensormatic Self Contained Antenna Supplier for shops wishing to safeguard their goods and improve the security of their stores. Infoquest is dedicated to providing premium anti-theft solutions that are tailored to each client's specific requirements.

We recognise the significance of safeguarding your inventory and boosting the security of your store. Because of this, we provide dependable, efficient, and simple-to-use Sensormatic Self Contained Antenna SM-1170.

For shops wishing to safeguard their goods and improve the security of their store, our Sensormatic Self-Contained Antenna is a dependable and efficient anti-theft solution. It is a well-liked option among merchants throughout the world because of its creative appearance, powerful recognition capabilities, and simplicity of use.

A sophisticated anti-theft tool frequently used in retail settings to stop stealing and unauthorised removal of goods from the premises is the Sensormatic Self Contained Antenna in UAE. With this cutting-edge technology, which combines the strength of an antenna and a CPU into a single device, you can get all the detection and alarm features you need in a small, convenient container.

The Sensormatic Self-Contained Antenna utilises cutting-edge Radio Frequency (RF) technology to identify the existence of security tags or labels on goods as they travel through the antenna's detecting zone. The antenna detects tags or labels and sends out an alarm signal to warn store employees of suspected theft.

Our Sensormatic Self Contained Antenna in Dubai UAE is simple to install and use thanks to its self-contained construction. Traditional antennas need separate processors and power supplies to function, but this system is entirely integrated and simply needs a regular electrical outlet. As a result, it serves as an affordable and room-saving option for stores of various sizes.

Our Sensormatic Self-Contained Antenna is simple to install and operate, but it also has complex features like people and traffic counting capabilities that can be utilised to improve customer experience and optimise business operations.

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