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Infoquest is a dedicated Deactivator Supplier in Dubai. We offer top-notch label deactivators that guarantee the safety of goods and materials while also delivering a smooth client experience.

At Infoquest, we recognise the value of security in both library and retail settings. We think that every company ought to have access to the greatest tools and resources to safeguard their goods and guarantee a satisfying client experience.

Label Deactivator in Dubai is frequently employed in retail settings including grocery stores, clothes retailers, and department stores. As cashiers scan products for purchases, they are frequently incorporated into the checkout process, enabling them to swiftly and simply deactivate security labels or tags.

Label Deactivator System in Dubai UAE is used to turn off security labels on books and other items in libraries in addition to retail environments. As a result, customers can borrow items from the library without setting off any alarms or notifications.

An electronic security label or tag that is frequently seen on retail products can be disabled or deactivated using a device known as a label deactivator. These security labels or tags are frequently used in retail establishments to deter theft and unauthorised product removal.

The security label or tag is normally deactivated by a label deactivator using a magnetic field. The magnetic field produced by the deactivator deactivates the security label or tag when an object with an active security label or tag is passed over it, rendering it useless. This makes it possible to withdraw the item from the store securely without setting off any alarms or notifications.

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