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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for retailers are essential protocols that ensure efficient, consistent, and profitable store operations. We can manage all theses SOP’s yhrough our retail App for Ops

1. Store Operations: Opening, closing, and daily tasks.

2. Inventory Management: Receiving, stocking, and auditing inventory.

3. Customer Service: How to assist customers and handle issues.

4. Visual Merchandising: Creating attractive in-store displays.

5. Loss Prevention: Preventing theft and managing security.

6. Cash Handling: Managing registers and payments.

7. Employee Training: Onboarding, development, and evaluation.

8. Supply Chain: Managing supplier relationships.

9. Health and Safety: Maintaining a safe environment.

10. E-commerce: Online store management.

11. Brand Consistency: Maintaining a strong brand image.

12. Marketing: Planning and executing marketing efforts.

13. Compliance: Adhering to legal regulations.

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