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Sensormatic Ultra Post Antenna

Product ID : ZS-1014


Ultra•Post Self-Contained Pedestal
Energy-efficient pedestal saves on power without  sacrificing performance.The energy-efficient Ultra•Post provides superior Sensormatic AM EAS antitheft protection with up to 1.8m (6ft) of coverage between pedestals. The onboard electronics are contained within the base cover of the primary pedestal,eliminating the need for an external controller, and reducing installation and maintenance costs. The integrated audio and visual alarms notify store personnel if protected merchandise passes through the detection zone.

With a focus on the distribution and setup of Sensormatic Ultra Post Antennas, Infoquest is a market leader in retail security systems. We have established ourselves as a dependable Sensormatic Ultra Post Antenna Supplier for retailers wishing to improve their loss-prevention tactics because of our years of expertise in the field.

We recognise that every shop has different security demands, which is why we provide customised solutions adapted to each client's exact needs. Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to build and deploy a complete security system that fits within your budget and achieves your goals.

Our Sensormatic Ultra Post Antenna is made to be very sensitive and precise, and it can find tags up to 6 feet away. To reduce false alarms, it can also differentiate between various tag kinds, such as hard tags and soft labels.

Our system is simple to install and can be connected to additional Sensormatic products, such as CCTV cameras and data analytics software, to offer a complete retail security solution. Additionally, it works with a variety of EAS tags and labels, enabling stores to alter their security setups to suit their unique requirements.

We are Sensormatic Distributors in UAE and our Sensormatic Ultra Post Antenna is a popular retail security device for preventing stealing and theft. A dual pedestal device called the Ultra Post Antenna is generally installed near a store's entrance and exit. Electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags that are affixed to retail goods can be found using radio frequency technology.

The antenna emits an alarm, warning store employees of possible theft when a consumer tries to leave the establishment with a product that has not been purchased or disabled at the point of sale.

Our Sensormatic UAE is a trustworthy and efficient way to stop theft and lower losses in retail establishments. It is a well-liked option for merchants all around the world because of its cutting-edge technology, simplicity of use, and interoperability with other security devices.

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