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Video Analytics

Product ID : Video AI


We support market specific  requirements with advanced AI technologies  with Cloud based or on-premise applications for different areas. Some of the solutions are -

  • Auto traffic monitoring
  • Automatic Number Plate Recoginition
  • Gate access automation,Face recognition
  • Attendance control,Helmet detection
  • Motion detection,Heat maps
  • Age and gender estimation
  • Queue detection,Smoke & fire detection
  • Crowd detection,Object detection (human, vehicle, bicycle, motorcycles, busses, trucks) 

We provide several different types of Video Analytics Software in UAE, such as security and surveillance, retail statistics, transportation metrics, and medical analytics. Our software may be integrated with a broad range of current systems and platforms and is made to be user-friendly, scalable, and adaptable.

We provide a variety of services, including consultation, project management, installation, training, and continuing support, in addition to our software solutions to help our clients during the full implementation process.

With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated algorithms, Video Analytics Software in Dubai UAE can examine video data and derive valuable insights. It has become a crucial technology in a variety of areas, notably security, retail, shipping, and medical treatment.

The use of Auto Traffic Monitoring Software in UAE in safeguarding and monitoring is one of its main applications. The program may identify and notify security staff of possible risks, such as intruders, strange activity, or unlawful access, by instantly analyzing video data. To assist stop theft and vandalism, it can also track and observe the movements of both people and cars.

To better understand consumer behaviour and enhance shop operations, video analytics software may also be employed in retail settings. It can keep track of a customer's movements and spot patterns in their buying habits, such as which things they regularly see or buy. This data may be applied to better inventory control, retail layouts and product presentations, and overall consumer satisfaction.

For enterprises and organizations wishing to increase security, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience, our video analytics software provides several advantages. Utilizing AI and machine learning can deliver insightful data and timely warnings that can lower costs, boost productivity, and enhance safety.

We are eager to collaborate with you to use the most cutting-edge Auto Traffic Monitoring Software in Dubai to change your company.

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